I'm an inquisitive person—I love mysteries and riddles, solving problems and figuring things out.

As a visual designer, I combine my love for problem-solving with my passion for design to bring a unique perspective to my work.

About Me

Hi! My name is Kesha Tate, and I’m a freelance graphic and web designer.

I’ve worked with clients large and not-so-large, from McDonald’s to Etsy entrepreneurs. I approach every design from the user’s perspective, creating experiences that are intuitive, lovely to view, and easy to understand.

I studied graphic and web design at the Academy of Art University, where I excelled in designing for both print and digital platforms.

My natural curiosity and love for learning have proven to be valuable assets to myself, and to the teams that I work with. I love taking on new projects, so if you’d like to collaborate, get in touch!